Monday, May 19, 2008

Parents' Place - Tucson, AZ

Well the internet is down, but it seems like a necessary thing to attempt an update. By the time this gets posted it'll be Monday. Right now it's Sunday night. I'm leaving for Austin tomorrow at noon with Marty, a teacher at the community college in Flagstaff.

Joe called me about a million times today. He instructed me to bring clothes for caving. Sweeeet. I love this idea of caving with Joe. Last time we went we had a wicked good time. Actually all the times we went were a wicked good time, even though I am not in shape and had a hell of a time climbing out of one of the caves. Climbing into it was funny because I couldn't find a good foothold at one point and though I was going to fall, so Joe grabbed my foot and held it to the wall. Ha!

This whole Craigslist rideshare thing has caused a few realizations for me. The first thing to mention, which is rather sad but true, is that my rides from Craigslist have been more reliable than my own friends. In the past two months my friends have bailed out on me so many times and the worst part is, I was never once surprised by it. I am absolutely not a flaky person, if I say I'm going to do it, then I will do everything in my power to get it done. It frustrates me that the majority of my friends are not this way. I begin to question my friendships and whether or not I am really as close with these people as I think I am.

The other fun thing about these rides is that I am given the opportunity to meet people I would never meet within the normal confines of my recent life. There are stories I would have never heard and experiences I would not have had. I never would have thought that I could enjoy the company of a married 23 year old Christian and even exchange some music. I would never have met a man who loved Hawaiian shirts so much that when one of them flew out the window of his car on the highway, he actually pulled over and chased it. I would not have had a giggle at the college student who tailgates full sized dump trucks at 5 mph.

Tomorrow will be another journey. Another story. This one will bring me to my best friend and a whole new chapter of adventure in a city I've never seen. This one is even more important to me because it's been such a nightmare to plan out and it's worth it to me. I guess I update from Austin.

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