Thursday, August 6, 2009

Colony House - Dorset, VT

OK, I've talked about my computer, now let's talk about my life.

Several things to go over:
1. I love Friday nights
2. Lobsters can cause nightmares, dirty looks, and unexpected reporters
3. A broken computer means hours of podcats which may lead to dietary changes that make your mother roll her eyes and wonder what she did to raise you so wrong.

Friday nights! Dinner! At Teleion! No, Earth, Sky, Time! The Levis clan has moved houses to be closer to their fields and never have to deal with cyber-creeps again! They have moved themselves and their WWOOFers into The Big White House. So Friday dinners are there, which means Slocum and I are there. The Logger can come too. I've had a renewed interest in cooking, even though I hate this kitchen and Slokes and I have been making some freaking yummy thing. Recipes later, I've got far too much to say right now.

There's a WWOOFer there right now who loves to sing, and has a talent for rewriting pop songs. So for the past few weeks I've had TLC's "No Scrubs" stuck in my head (only her version is No Slugs), and other equally irritating things. And I would find this endlessly annoying, except for the two things that make it tolerable: It's fucking genius and I can always go find Slocum and have a sing-along (which is actually more annoying for anyone around us, but somehow makes it better for me).

The lobster. Oh man, the lobster. So... I got this email. Actually, wait. Let me start here: I know that the number one rule of blogging is that you don't write about work. However, I blog about my life and my life tends to be wrapped up in my work and since my boss has the address to my blog (I gave it to him, he was curious, he got bored and never looked at it more than once, I'm sure), and I never say bad things about anyone, I often blog about work. I blogged about Teleion endlessly. Last year I blogged about the theatre. This year I saw no reason to stop. I still don't. Except for the lobster.

OK, I took the post down, so maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. There was an incident at work. It made me unhappy, it made others unhappy, I voiced my opinion, problem was solved. I blogged about my reaction to it, what the main issue was, no names, no finger pointing. It was a problem and we solved it. We were all at fault and we all realized it and changed what we were doing. Well, a reporter saw that post and emailed me. He wanted to write a story about it. He doesn't want to say anything bad about the theatre, he just agrees with what I was saying, and in Vermont, somehow this kind of little thing can become news. I guiltily told my employers, they were not upset and I remain silent on the issue until this all blows over. Meaning, I'm not saying anything more until I can put a link in my blog to the news article. That I started with my blog. Hell yeah. At least I'm not getting fired. It's not like it was a big deal, it's just that businesses don't generally want newspaper articles written about mistakes they may have made.

Fine, on to point three. Dairy and I broke up. When my computer died I still needed something to entertain me at work, so I decided to catch up on all the podcasts I had sitting on my ipod. Replacing aisle lights is not so bad when listening to Vegan Radio, followed by RadioLab (by the way I HIGHLY recommend RadioLab to everyone, as it is an awesome odcast that will make you smarter), followed by Vegan Freak. That's a lot of Vegan, and a little bit of science.

The thing is I haven't really been eating much dairy. Maybe a cookie or two that was lying around, but I never buy it, never cook with it, and wouldn't ever order it in a restaurant. I was eating pizza at changeover because the theatre bought it for us and I had no time to go home and eat anything else. My logic was that I wasn't contributing to the dairy industry because I wasn't buying anything, or causing others to buy things for me. And while I'm fine with the Freegan logic and lifestyle, I have finally become grossed out enough that I just plain don't want to put that crap into my body. Dairy is full of puss. And it causes lots of mucous. Mucous and Puss are gross words and I don't want to eat things associated with it. So there you have it, no more dairy for me. And don't start talking to me about cheese. Who the hell even cares about cheese? Sure it tastes good, but not THAT good. The only food that might actually be a true strugle for me to never eat again, and no way could I go through with it, so if I suddenly develope an allergy could you please just kill me? is chocolate. There I said it. You thought I would say eggplant, but I didn't. It's chocolate. And since Fairtrade dark chocolate doesn't have puss or suffering in it, I'm not going to stop eating it. Eggplant is still a close second though.

So Mom, I know you aren't a big fan of the veganism and maybe Dad and Justin just disowned me, but at least I know what's important in life: chocolate and eggplant.

High cholesterol and Alzheimer's

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colony House - Dorset, VT

I haven't posted in forever. Again. But this time I have a good reason: Complete Computer Meltdown. Listen, I'm not a computer wiz, what I know about computers, I've learned from using them. So when my computer wouldn't start up properly and flashed a "No" sign and then a blinking question mark folder, I panicked. PANIC! Well, as much a I can panic, having never actually panicked for real in my entire life. I'm not kidding.

I googled the problem and read a bunch of stuff about my hard drive becoming "unblessed." yeah. I don't know either. I called my parents and informed them that they would need to search their entire house for the install disks that came with my computer, because of course I didn't bring them with me, why the hell would I do that? Macs don't crash! Duh. Anyway my mother was able to find them pretty painlessly in one of the first places she looked and FedExed them to me. That was a long 4-day wait. Damn weekend.

In the meantime, I used a boot disk from a MacBookPro to start up my comp and try and deal with it. The words excruciatingly slow and also futile come to mind. I was able to boot up with this disk, but not much else. I called my friend Marc, who IS a computer genius and he of course made my near-panic worse by saying it could be a physical issue with the hard drive. Like maybe something in there broke. Something I can't fix for free, even with help from the internet. The nearest Apple store is an hour and a half from here and also my warranty is up. If you think I bought AppleCare, you are out of your mind. May as well save my $300 for my next computer. Anyway I never made it there.

When my FedEx package from Mom came, several things fell out: 2 install disks, user manual, warranty info and... a Leopard install disk. What?!!?!? All this time I was running Tiger and I *could* have been running Leopard?!?! It came with my computer?!? Damn my ignorance at the moment of unpacking my computer. I probably wrote it off as some junk program I didn't need and then never thought about it again. Months later when I was fully immersed in Mac life, I considered buying Leopard. I almost paid for software. I never do that! Suddenly I realized that I considered purchasing something I already had? And now my computer was dead and I could have been enjoying it that much more this whole time?!!? GHA!

I had no choice, I had to get the thing up and running again just so I could install Leopard. It was my Apple-given right! Anyway I booted with my own install disk, backed up all my important stuff and then I started a new install. The internet told me that if I installed over what I had already, it would re-bless the hard drive and keep all of my other stuff. Meaning, I didn't have to back up, but it was a good idea. Especially if that wasn't the problem and my computer ended up exploding. At least then I would have my work files. And the second season of Pushing Daisies.

I started the install, went to bed, woke up when the first disk popped out, put the second in and went to bed again. This morning... the computer started all by itself! No boot disk needed! YAY! But when I started up Firefox it was still being an asshole. Firefox was ruining my good time! I had been having problems with it before the meltdown, that was the reason I turned my computer off in the first place and the start of all this trouble. I tried updating it and that did nothing. Finally I just reinstalled the damn browser, lost all my settings and bookmarks, but whatever. My computer works now.

I'm kind of on the fence about this though. I think that whatever started the major problem in my computer, where it couldn't find its own damn hard drive without help, maybe started with Firefox? I really don't know. All I know is, it was giving me trouble, I tried to reboot my comp and suddenly it won't work. Then when I get it working, everything is fine except for Firefox freaking out. So maybe I shouldn't use it until the next update? It's just that I love Firefox so much. It makes the internet worth browsing, that's how much I love it. Safari just won't cut it.

Well, probably all of my problems in life (laziness, homelessness, unemployment) will be solved when I update to Leopard. I hear the newer Mac operating systems will even find you a job these days. A good job. Where you get paid.