Friday, June 27, 2008

My bike came in the mail yesterday. Words can not express the excitement of Krysta. I immediately took it to the scene shop and put it together. The brakes got a little wonky and Higgs showed me how to fix them. I did a few victory laps between the house and the theatre before the show. It was raining, but that probably just made it better.

People have been questioning why I spent $100 having my bike sent out here. I don't have a car and this is a such a tiny, secluded place, I've felt really trapped. The bike offers me a different kind of freedom. I often want quiet time to myself to just get my thought together, and I haven't had much of it lately. Now that my bike is here I'll be able to take off for a while after work. I like to go and do things by myself, so I can bike myself to the quarry or hopefully to Manchester. Plus I need the exercise.

I've been spending my work days int he basement of the theatre cutting up 50 foot cables that w don't need and making shorter ones. There are no windows down there, and it's damp, and I can hear the base of the music from the shop and the theatre over my own headphones, so after a few hours I start to get a little crazy. I've had a headache for a few days and I'm not sure if it's weather, or lack of sleep, or the basement, but maybe all three. I'm thinking taking off for a few hours on my bike really help a bunch. Anyway I've got some things on my mind that need to be addressed.

I'm hoping my next update will have a little history of Colony House and some pictures as well. I'm also hoping to get some pictures of the set and lights. They're both quite amazing. As usual.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Here is a little back story of the theatre I am working for all summer in Dorset, VT:

First of all, we have to start this out right, by explaining a little about Dorset, VT. Dorset is a fairly old New England town known for one thing: the oldest marble quarry in the country. There is marble all over this teeny town; sidewalks, curbs, houses, patios, everything. The quarry is no longer used, however, because as it was being mined an underground spring was hit and the quarry filled up. It is now an awesome swimming spot for locals, and those of us part of DTF.

Dorset is so tiny, it has no grocery store, just a general market. There is one gas pump, one post office, one bank and a library. There is no cell phone tower, and thus, no cell reception. It is also the home of three upscale inns, The Dorset Inn, The Barrows House, and The Dovetail Inn. Dorset relies mostly on tourism, but due to the economy, it hasn't been doing so well. Luckily, everyone who lives here is pretty much loaded. Including our wonderful board members, who adore the fact that the population of young people in this town doubles over the summer when DTF is in full swing.

The theatre itself has an amazing story, which our artistic director, Carl Forsman, loves to tell. The Dorset Theatre Festival was founded in 1970 by Jill Charles and John Nassivera, who were married at that time. The theatre was made up of two historic barns pushed together. One held the audience, and the other was the stage. Jill served as the artistic director and John was the associate Artistic Director and it stayed that way for years, even after their marriage ended. The festival was wildly successful.

I'm guessing it was about 7 years ago that they decided to start a huge renovation to update the theatre. While the renovation was in progress they ran into a major groundwater problem which doubled the cost of the renovations. DTF needed to take out a 1 million dollar loan to cover this cost. Jill Charles was then diagnosed with very advanced breast cancer and given only a few months to live. The new theatre was completed that spring and Jill directed the first show that summer. She was taken to the opening night in an ambulance. She did not live through the summer season.

After Jill died John took over as the artistic director of the theatre. As the economy struggled, so did the theatre and productions started to go downhill. The theatre now had a multi million dollar debt and had lost half of it's subscribers. In order to try and save the festival the board asked John Nassivera to step down as artistic director of the theatre.

Last year Carl Forsman, the artistic director of the New York based Off-Broadway Keen Company, which I have worked for in the past, was asked to come in and head DTF. He brought in all his own people from NY, including myself and several other Keen Company regulars. We ran the entire season with 8 regular staff members and 7 interns. Our job was simple: Save the theatre. That's it. We came in, worked our asses off and pulled off an amazing season. We broke even last summer, which was the only goal. If we had not been able to operate in the black, the theatre probably would have ended.

This year we have increased the staff and intern count considerably. We earned back many of the theatre's subscriber numbers and have started the long process of earning the trust of this community. The people of Vermont are nice people, but they keep an eye on us and keep track of what we do. I think with every year, they will begin to trust us more and more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's take a moment to talk about my amazing morning.

I woke up today and it was pouring rain. It's been threatening to rain for the last three days, but didn't follow through until today. I was a little upset about this, because although I love the rain, today is Farmer's Market Day. (How much do I love a town with no grocery store, but it's own farmer's market?) I know the market always goes up, rain or shine, and that I am always there, show or no show. The only problem is that I was planning to walk there and I don't have an umbrella. Anyway this kind of rain really doesn't take heed of an umbrella.

Brandes was wonderful enough to let me borrow her car to take Peaches and myself over there. It was pouring off and on the whole time as we darted in and out of the stalls. We also ran into part of the cast of The Dining Room. I love running into people at the farmer's market. Something about it seems so fitting, even if you know you're going to see them at the theatre in a little while anyway.

The most wonderful part of today at the farmer's market was that today was the first day of fruit (other than apples). I purchased the most amazing tomatoes, cherries and strawberries. Peaches got some as well and had a little freak out over how delicious they were. I guess now he understands why I'll happily spend so much money on farmer's market food that I can buy for a third of the price at the grocery store.

I hate that I'm too timid to talk to some of these people about working for them after the summer is over. I know that the summer is the big season, but I really want to check out the other seasons in VT and I need to know more about farming in New England. I am never disappointed with any of the people or the food at any farmer's markets I have ever been to. It only fuels my desire to be part of it all. I've got to get on the ball with looking for farming jobs after the summer.

But right now I've got to get to the theatre.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I realized that I never posted any information about the company I am working for. Information about the Dorset Theatre Festival can be found here. I'll post more information about the history of the theatre a little later on. Like all old buildings in Vermont, it's actually quite interesting.

Last night was the opening for "Nobody Don't Like Yogi" here at Dorset. It's a one man show about Yogi Berra's return to Yankee Stadium for the first time in 14 years. I'm not terribly interested in baseball, and before this show I really didn't know anything about Yogi. That doesn't change the fact that this s an amazing show, and Teddy Coluca is an amazing actor to watch and to work with.

After the performance we had a little reception, which turned into a full blown party here at the Colony House. Dancing, drinking, and everyone in pretty clothes. I got myself a new red dress, which is, without a doubt, the prettiest dress I have ever owned. Of course there were a billion cameras and even more pictures. So enjoy these pictures of the Yogi Opening and Colony House Dance Party:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our board members, Jake and Holly, have an amazing house here in Dorset. It's right on the side of a hill and this is the view from the backyard.

The pool is always the right temperature and the hot tub fits 8 people. Oh man, I'm so glad that Jake and Holly love to share. Every time we see them they are always telling us to come over. They know how wonderful their home is and they want everyone to be able to enjoy it. Plus they give us food. Who can argue with that? Not I.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

As promised, here are pictures of the picnic table that was driven into the ground by a fallen tree. This table did not break. CRAZY!

People are taking pictures like mad around here. I'll attempt to get some posted. Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to a board member's house who has the most AMAZING view. We went there a few times last year. We are so lucky to have so many board members who are as generous to the theatre as they are. We wouldn't exist without them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vermont weather is such a welcome change for me. Last night there was a huge storm and a tornado watch. One of the trees at the theatre started to crack and we were afraid it would fall into the power lines, however there wasn't really anything we could do about it at that time. By the time we got back to the house (a 3 minute walk from the theatre) it was pouring rain. Denise and I immediately threw off our shoes and ran out onto the back lawn. I started yelling at the sky to give me more and it started hailing. We figured that was a good time to run back onto the lanai.

A little later on, when the rain dyed down a bit, we walked over to the Dorset Inn, where there is an upscale bar for the rich people who live here. The bar tender, James, was a rockin guy who had invented his own drink called The Little Red Corvette. I have no idea what was in it, but Alex got it and it was yummy. I stuck to a Tom Collins, because that's what people drink in swanky establishments.

It started pouring again while we were there and we had to stick around for more than one cocktail. James told us about the two ghosts who live in the Dorset Inn. One is a little girl about 12 years old and the other is a confederate general. He did not know any back story on them, but he did tell us about some encounters he had while working. The freakiest one was when he was closing up one night and the basement door kept opening and the light turned on. Three times. After the third time James decided to go home.

James is a much cooler bar tender than the other guy, Patrick. Sadly, James is leaving Dorset and moving to Lake George to bar tend at Johnny Rockets. Lame. But he's all about it, so I guess that's all that matters. He's training a girl named Katie to be his replacement and she seems like fun, so I'm hoping many nights will be enjoyed there.

When it finally stopped raining so hard we walked back to the house and had a little drunk dance party. Everyone was a little surprised to see me dancing like a crazy person, and I guess I was too. I told myself I would not turn down any opportunities for fun, so I guess I had to rock out. Something about 99 Red Balloons makes me flip out with happiness. It felt pretty damn good to let loose.

This morning when we got to the theatre the tree had fallen over. Amazingly it did not hit the power lines, but it did hit one of our picnic tables. The table did not break, but it managed to get pushed about a foot into the ground. Pictures to come later. No really. I'll post them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We had our first meet and greet today at the theatre. I'm hoping it will be a great summer. The people all seem to be genuinely nice, and all the unkind people from last year did not come back. There is also more volleyball enthusiasm, including my own. Last year I didn't really play much because I was so bad, and not into running about making an ass of myself. Lately I've been trying to let things like that go and just do whatever makes me happiest. So I played volleyball today and I was actually pretty OK, plus I had a really great time.

I've been having some trouble updating because I've been busy. I hope I can make more time for this in the future, because I enjoy sitting down and collecting my thoughts. My blog is important to me, because I will undoubtedly want to look back on it some day to remember these Dorset summers. It hasn't helped that I am always around people, and I usually blog alone. Writing with other people around causes a block for the most part. I'm going to need to get over this.

I can't wait for my bike to get here so I can start getting more exercise and exploring the area. This place is so beautiful and I miss a lot of it for lack of a better way of getting around. I plan to get out alone as much as possible because spending every day with so many people is difficult for me. On the other hand, having so many people around is working wonders on the loneliness I've been feeling.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day of wonderful work. I haven't done any really hard work for months and it's a downer. I'm looking forward to working my as off this summer.

Roommate going to sleep. Will post more later.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DORSET!!!!!! I'm so glad I got here early. It's a damn good time to hang out here and be with my buddies. I've missed this place. It's so wonderful and green. It rained on our drive up. Lovely.

Admittedly I'm a little worried about being stuck here for three month. I'm especially used to coming and going whenever I want. The past few months after I've left NY I haven't ever felt stuck anywhere. However, having good friends here should help me calm down about being stuck. My bike will also help. Dorset is so isolated, it can be hard to stay put. I need this though.

I've missed sitting around listening to music and having little chats. My anxiety is sure to settle down. I get a little uppity, but I think I'll be ok once we get into the work routine. I think I need down time to deal with myself right now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I have got to learn how to sleep in hotel rooms. I hardly slept at all and I feel like crap. I did not sleep in the car because I thought I'd be sleeping on the floor tonight and I needed all the sleep deprivation I could get in order to pass out on a floor. Turns out I'm sleeping on a mattress, so woo-hoo to that.

I guess maybe I should explain where I am. I am currently in Cleveland, Ohio in the apartment of a med student named Min, who is a friend of Nick's. When we got here she took us to a barbecue with a bunch of other med students and we basically just chilled out and ate and watched some TV. Med students don't seem to understand the humor of singing Aquarius after losing your virginty. It's funny damn it. Plus that song is rockin.

I realized today that I forgot to mention one of the highlights of our road trip thus far. As we were driving towards Iowa yesterday, while in Nebraska, a red car pulled up next to us and the passengers, three high school aged girls, waved and giggled at the car. I didn't understand it, but Nick, being a guy, decided it would be a good idea to play along and pass them again. I suggested he raise his eyebrows at them suggestively, as a trucker had done to me earlier in the day. This caused the girls to start following us. This went on for quite some time with us passing them and them passing us. I was beginning to lose patience with the whole thing because the girls were so young anyway. I finally made a sign that said "Do you hookers got any blow?" and held it up just as the were exiting. Words can not describe the looks on their faces when they saw it. Funniest. Shit. Ever.

So tomorrow we head out to Boston and then the next day I'll be in Vermont! Yeah! I'm so looking forward to spending time outside and taking in all the green surrounding. Oh grass, just two more days and I get to roll in you.

Hotel - Moline, IL

Well, I'm here in Moline. Don't ask me anything about this place, because I don't know. The hotel is pretty nice. Internet, third floor and a room you enter from inside the building. What more could a girl ask for?

Nick's been a great travel partner. We talk a bunch. We listen to a lot of the same music. He enjoys doing all the driving. This is all fine and dandy by me. Awkwardness avoided. He has a high tolerance for my disjointed social skills. That always helps.

I'm starting to think a little more on this whole wandering thing that I'm doing. I'm content now and marginally satisfied with the friendships I currently have with people, but I know it won't last forever. I know that eventually I'm going to need more. As I get closer and closer to summer, I get closer and closer to summer's end. I need to figure out where I'll go. I hope it will lead to somewhere I want to stay.

I can't have meaningful relationships while I'm running all about. I can't keep starting up these friendships and then running off again. I'll want something more than friends in the future. But I also know that I need to be around people who have the same ideals as I do. Where I go after summer may help me find those people. I hope it helps me find those people.

This seems random. Nick and I had some conversations today during our 12 hour trip, which got me thinking about my direction in life. It's crazy having someone to talk to so casually for such a long time abut these kinds of serious subjects. It gets me drifting off into my head for long periods of time. It doesn't help that I have trouble explaining my intentions, mostly because I'm still trying to figure them out. Transitions. Ugh.