Sunday, June 1, 2008

I have got to learn how to sleep in hotel rooms. I hardly slept at all and I feel like crap. I did not sleep in the car because I thought I'd be sleeping on the floor tonight and I needed all the sleep deprivation I could get in order to pass out on a floor. Turns out I'm sleeping on a mattress, so woo-hoo to that.

I guess maybe I should explain where I am. I am currently in Cleveland, Ohio in the apartment of a med student named Min, who is a friend of Nick's. When we got here she took us to a barbecue with a bunch of other med students and we basically just chilled out and ate and watched some TV. Med students don't seem to understand the humor of singing Aquarius after losing your virginty. It's funny damn it. Plus that song is rockin.

I realized today that I forgot to mention one of the highlights of our road trip thus far. As we were driving towards Iowa yesterday, while in Nebraska, a red car pulled up next to us and the passengers, three high school aged girls, waved and giggled at the car. I didn't understand it, but Nick, being a guy, decided it would be a good idea to play along and pass them again. I suggested he raise his eyebrows at them suggestively, as a trucker had done to me earlier in the day. This caused the girls to start following us. This went on for quite some time with us passing them and them passing us. I was beginning to lose patience with the whole thing because the girls were so young anyway. I finally made a sign that said "Do you hookers got any blow?" and held it up just as the were exiting. Words can not describe the looks on their faces when they saw it. Funniest. Shit. Ever.

So tomorrow we head out to Boston and then the next day I'll be in Vermont! Yeah! I'm so looking forward to spending time outside and taking in all the green surrounding. Oh grass, just two more days and I get to roll in you.

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