Friday, June 27, 2008

My bike came in the mail yesterday. Words can not express the excitement of Krysta. I immediately took it to the scene shop and put it together. The brakes got a little wonky and Higgs showed me how to fix them. I did a few victory laps between the house and the theatre before the show. It was raining, but that probably just made it better.

People have been questioning why I spent $100 having my bike sent out here. I don't have a car and this is a such a tiny, secluded place, I've felt really trapped. The bike offers me a different kind of freedom. I often want quiet time to myself to just get my thought together, and I haven't had much of it lately. Now that my bike is here I'll be able to take off for a while after work. I like to go and do things by myself, so I can bike myself to the quarry or hopefully to Manchester. Plus I need the exercise.

I've been spending my work days int he basement of the theatre cutting up 50 foot cables that w don't need and making shorter ones. There are no windows down there, and it's damp, and I can hear the base of the music from the shop and the theatre over my own headphones, so after a few hours I start to get a little crazy. I've had a headache for a few days and I'm not sure if it's weather, or lack of sleep, or the basement, but maybe all three. I'm thinking taking off for a few hours on my bike really help a bunch. Anyway I've got some things on my mind that need to be addressed.

I'm hoping my next update will have a little history of Colony House and some pictures as well. I'm also hoping to get some pictures of the set and lights. They're both quite amazing. As usual.

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