Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Logger's House- Pawlet, VT

I -finally- pulled some pictures off my camera to put here. I want to take some more and I have some ideas, but I'm so shy about using my camera. It's a little lame.

The maple sugar shack, or the Baby maple shack, or something like that. No maple syrup was made here, but it did contain the magic of Lauren, who has since moved back to Brooklyn.

So we had this boat. No, it was just the front of a baot. And not a real boat. It was built for a show and Oliver said he really wanted it, so Slokes and I drove it over to his place as a late birthday present. The kids were really excited, but I doubt they have played with it since that night. Ha.

It's ok to eat unhealthy food like doughnuts, if you plan to eat lots of healthy food like kale. Or, you could just eat both at once. Oliver's birthday cake. I had nothing to do with this, but I did enjoy the texture.

OK, short post. Gotta get my brain ready for NY.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Winpenny House - Pawlet, VT

Did I ever mention the time when The Logger accidentally called me by his name, instead of mine? Who does that? Anyway we laughed for a good long time.

I don't have much to say right now. Everything is up in the air and a lot of it will come crashing down (in a good way I hope) when I get back from New York.

I need to update some pictures.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Logger's House- Pawlet, VT

With all of this spare time I'm finally starting to catch up on a bunch of things I had been wanting to do. I made toothpaste. It still needs a little tweaking, but it's close to being good. The Logger likes it. I made it almond flavored, instead of mint, which is a fun change. I'm going to get some aloe vera gel to soften it up a bit and make it more pasty. Right now it's ore of a tooth liquid, rather than a tooth paste. It's pretty simple though, water, baking soda, almond extract, hydrogen peroxide. The trick is making sure you don't overdue the peroxide and also making sure that you have enough water for the soda to dissolve in, but still be effective. But basically it's a cheaper and healthier alternative to store bought toothpaste, which has some pretty nasty ingredients in it. Even some of the all natural and organic brands have Sodium Laurel Sulphate, which is a carcinogen. Bad Bad. It's a pretty good indication not to put something in your mouth that has a warning label stating that it is harmful if swallowed. Check your toothpaste, unless it's an all natural brand, it'll have the warning.

I had an interview the other day for job I think I'd really like. The interview went really well, and I'm supposedly going to be contacted for a second one, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm trying to be patient. For now I'm taking odd jobs in the kitchen at the inn. Last night I washed dishes for 9 hours straight. There was a 200 person wedding. It was a bit crazy in the kitchen, but the guests were very happy, and I think they had no idea of the insane things happening back there, so job well done. I might go in and help Jason a little more with organizing the kitchen as well. We both love to organize.

Working at the inn has its downsides though. Generally if someone is working the dinner shift, it means they'll get fed. It was a really long shift, so Jason was making plates for people. However, pretty much everything was meat. And the veggies all had butter in them. The appetizers were a lot of vegan food, but the leftovers got taken to the big white before I got a chance to eat any. I was snaking on bread most of the night, which I don't like to do, when I finally asked Drew (who came up from New York to help Jason out), if there was anything without dairy. He whipped me up a really yummy salad, which was awesome. However, a side salad isn't really a dinner, so I still pretty hungry. I'm not all frustrated at being vegan. I accept that these things will happen. If I am frustrated, it's because people think they have to load everything with animal products in order for it to be tasty. I know quite well that is not true, and to prove it I'm going to make myself vegan pancakes for breakfast, which I've always preferred over non-vegan, because they taste better. So there. Not to mention the best cupcake I've ever had IN MY LIFE (and I've eaten a lot of cupcakes) was a vegan green tea cupcake. Which Ceora made. Yay.

I'm out of rice flour at the moment and there is no room in this kitchen for me to get more. Thus, wheat flour pancakes for breakfast. At some point I may need to address the fact that The Logger's mother has more dishes than food to put on them. The entire kitchen is full of dishes and bakeware and food storage containers, but no food. Just one little cabinet for food in the whole house. I'm hoping that if I take over the role of cook in the house, I can start to consolidate dishes and make a new food cabinet. I hope I hope.

Anyway I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. It'll be grand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Colony House - Dorset, VT

Oh the days have been flying by. It's already the end of the summer and our last show closed on Saturday. We've been cleaning up the playhouse and finishing up little projects, so the place will be ready for the Dorset Players to move back in for the winter. I finally finished the aisle lights, which have been a nuisance since the summer began. They look quite wonderful.

Alice came and went. I thought it was spectacular. The amount of talent and sheer force of will that went into that complicated show was amazing. I have some photos, which are a little dark, and a little color corrected, and not of the full stage, but it's what was managed. There was no time to take photos, except during a performance, so I never got to take any of my own, and I haven't seen any photos of the full set. It's a bummer, but the ones I have are ok.

Friday is the big day. The big scary day. It dawned on me quite suddenly that at 25 years old I'll be moving in with my 30 year old boyfriend and his mother. And I have no job. This is not where I planned to be at this point in my life, but I really hope that the situation will get better soon. I need to find a job first.

I'm sort of in this odd position between trying to decide whether I want to save up as much money as I can, as fast as I can in order to buy land. Or if I want to focus on paying off my student loans so that I can eventually buy land without my student loans in the way. It would be awesome if I could find someone who will lease me some land, with the idea that I would pay it off over time, so I could just pay both off at once. Because, really, smaller bills are better at this point. But like I said, the first step is finding a job. And a haircut. I need to get a haircut.