Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Logger's House- Pawlet, VT

I -finally- pulled some pictures off my camera to put here. I want to take some more and I have some ideas, but I'm so shy about using my camera. It's a little lame.

The maple sugar shack, or the Baby maple shack, or something like that. No maple syrup was made here, but it did contain the magic of Lauren, who has since moved back to Brooklyn.

So we had this boat. No, it was just the front of a baot. And not a real boat. It was built for a show and Oliver said he really wanted it, so Slokes and I drove it over to his place as a late birthday present. The kids were really excited, but I doubt they have played with it since that night. Ha.

It's ok to eat unhealthy food like doughnuts, if you plan to eat lots of healthy food like kale. Or, you could just eat both at once. Oliver's birthday cake. I had nothing to do with this, but I did enjoy the texture.

OK, short post. Gotta get my brain ready for NY.

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