Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vermont weather is such a welcome change for me. Last night there was a huge storm and a tornado watch. One of the trees at the theatre started to crack and we were afraid it would fall into the power lines, however there wasn't really anything we could do about it at that time. By the time we got back to the house (a 3 minute walk from the theatre) it was pouring rain. Denise and I immediately threw off our shoes and ran out onto the back lawn. I started yelling at the sky to give me more and it started hailing. We figured that was a good time to run back onto the lanai.

A little later on, when the rain dyed down a bit, we walked over to the Dorset Inn, where there is an upscale bar for the rich people who live here. The bar tender, James, was a rockin guy who had invented his own drink called The Little Red Corvette. I have no idea what was in it, but Alex got it and it was yummy. I stuck to a Tom Collins, because that's what people drink in swanky establishments.

It started pouring again while we were there and we had to stick around for more than one cocktail. James told us about the two ghosts who live in the Dorset Inn. One is a little girl about 12 years old and the other is a confederate general. He did not know any back story on them, but he did tell us about some encounters he had while working. The freakiest one was when he was closing up one night and the basement door kept opening and the light turned on. Three times. After the third time James decided to go home.

James is a much cooler bar tender than the other guy, Patrick. Sadly, James is leaving Dorset and moving to Lake George to bar tend at Johnny Rockets. Lame. But he's all about it, so I guess that's all that matters. He's training a girl named Katie to be his replacement and she seems like fun, so I'm hoping many nights will be enjoyed there.

When it finally stopped raining so hard we walked back to the house and had a little drunk dance party. Everyone was a little surprised to see me dancing like a crazy person, and I guess I was too. I told myself I would not turn down any opportunities for fun, so I guess I had to rock out. Something about 99 Red Balloons makes me flip out with happiness. It felt pretty damn good to let loose.

This morning when we got to the theatre the tree had fallen over. Amazingly it did not hit the power lines, but it did hit one of our picnic tables. The table did not break, but it managed to get pushed about a foot into the ground. Pictures to come later. No really. I'll post them.

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