Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's take a moment to talk about my amazing morning.

I woke up today and it was pouring rain. It's been threatening to rain for the last three days, but didn't follow through until today. I was a little upset about this, because although I love the rain, today is Farmer's Market Day. (How much do I love a town with no grocery store, but it's own farmer's market?) I know the market always goes up, rain or shine, and that I am always there, show or no show. The only problem is that I was planning to walk there and I don't have an umbrella. Anyway this kind of rain really doesn't take heed of an umbrella.

Brandes was wonderful enough to let me borrow her car to take Peaches and myself over there. It was pouring off and on the whole time as we darted in and out of the stalls. We also ran into part of the cast of The Dining Room. I love running into people at the farmer's market. Something about it seems so fitting, even if you know you're going to see them at the theatre in a little while anyway.

The most wonderful part of today at the farmer's market was that today was the first day of fruit (other than apples). I purchased the most amazing tomatoes, cherries and strawberries. Peaches got some as well and had a little freak out over how delicious they were. I guess now he understands why I'll happily spend so much money on farmer's market food that I can buy for a third of the price at the grocery store.

I hate that I'm too timid to talk to some of these people about working for them after the summer is over. I know that the summer is the big season, but I really want to check out the other seasons in VT and I need to know more about farming in New England. I am never disappointed with any of the people or the food at any farmer's markets I have ever been to. It only fuels my desire to be part of it all. I've got to get on the ball with looking for farming jobs after the summer.

But right now I've got to get to the theatre.

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