Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Parents' Place - Tucson, AZ

I'm back in Tucson. I've been in four cities over the past two days. I'm so tired!!!

My wonderful "husband" Tom drove me to Abq yesterday morning, where I met up with this guy AJ, who drove me to Phoenix in a Prius. Oh man, gas mileage is so great in that thing. The engine switches off when you go downhill and you get about 100 mpg. Wow. Crashed with a buddy in Phoenix, then caught a ride back to Tucson this morning with a guy named Chris.

AJ is a 23 year old married Christian. The odds of us having anything in common and actually getting along in a genuine, more-than-civil manner were quite slim. However, AJ was a pretty cool guy. Not crazy into God and not a right-wing republican with mediocre music tastes. However, we did talk about food shortages, not eating red meat (he brought it up, not me, I swear), and how awesome Ben Folds Five is. Then I stole some of his music from a CD of MP3s he had.

As we got toward Phoenix both of our phones died and he decided to stop off at his in-laws' house, which was a huge scary brick mansion. I felt a little out of place going in there to charge up my phone while he called his wife to meet him at the rental car return (the Prius was rented). We went into the kitchen and there was a roasted chicken on the counter, half dissected. There was chicken juice all over the counter and I was a little freaked out, especially because there were two small children running about. Something about having a chicken with all it's guts spilled over a kitchen counter in the same room as small children rubs me the wrong way. Anyway I ended up driving the car back to the airport and he took his mother-in-law's jeep. He then dropped me off at the airport where I et up with a buddy for dinner and a place to crash.

That night my buddy needed to go pick something up from a friend. He called a bunch of people to find this person. This was all while driving around downtown Phoenix, which is really a weird and redundant city. Nothing very pretty about the architecture or the landscape. Phoenix is a flat, flat city. Still, it was enjoyable, because I love the way my friend drives. It's weird that his speeding around at night is so relaxing. It's like he finds empty streets just so he can zoom around, though he has no real destination. Anyway we finally got a location and went there. And waited. He was supposed to be coming, until then we would hang out with a bunch of pot heads who talked about some amazingly stupid shit. And played video games stoned. I don't understand the point of that. Why can't we just lay outside and enjoy the amazing night?

We finally had to go to some sketchy area of town to find this guy. The streets made no sense whatsoever and the numbered ones changed a bunch. It's like the people naming the streets just got lazy, or else thought the rest of the city was too consistent. Anyway we finally found him and my buddy got whatever it was that he needed to get in the sketchiest of ways and we moved on. Got back to his place intending to do a music exchange, but we were both so tired we just passed out. Fun night though. This friend of mine is an incredibly, intellectually stimulating person. I don't know why his friends were such idiots.

This morning my friend had to go to work early, so he dropped me off at the university to wait for my ride to Tucson. He was supposed to get me at 9, and I was there at 8:50. At 9 he calls to tell me he went a different way and is somewhere else. I got a little worried he was going to say he wasn't coming. It was rainy in Phoenix this morning and I had no where to go anyway. The coffee shop down the street wasn't taking credit cards and I had no cash. Turns out he was coming to get me, but he would be a bit late. No worries. He picked me up and he had a friend in the car, who I was relieved to learn is gay. Two college-age guys driving to Tucson to pick up some crap from a dorm room, or something. I don't like university guys. Shitty music, bad driving and all about impressing people with stories of sex. As though it matters in the end. But I didn't have to say much because they were entertaining each other. I was being entertained by the scenery.

And here is Samuel, the newest member of the herd:

Target forgot to charge me for him, but I didn't bother to say anything. That's how I roll.

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