Saturday, May 17, 2008

Parents' Place - Tucson, AZ

It would seem I found a ride from craigslist yet again. Thank you internet for always solving all my problems, even though you sometimes create them. I'll be leaving Monday afternoon and arriving Tuesday morning. It will be a straight drive through with someone named Marty, in a van, moving to Austin. Marty will call me this weekend. I don't even know if Marty is a man or a woman. All I know is that I'll have a seat with a seat belt and a ride to Austin. Go me. I hope this Marty person doesn't want to split gas 50/50 because that seems a bit unfair. We shall see.

Speaking of traveling cheap, I found this today. Looks promising.

I also should mention that my travel to Santa Fe and back cost me $57 in gas. This is a number I am very happy with. We'll see how much Austin will cost. Time to scope out a ride back.

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