Sunday, May 4, 2008

Denise and Ray's - Santa Fe, NM

There was some kind of block party thing on the quad last night and it included this "Laser Maze," which had no actual lasers. But some of us were a little fucked up and we decided we could have fun without them lasers and crawled inside. I took pictures with my annoying slow camera which happens to have a crazy-bright flash.

Ham, hiding from the flash

I don't know

Cory Collins!!!!

Did I mention there was also free beer on the quad? How crazy is that!?!?

Too tall, you lose!

Ham attack!!!!!

I can't take group pictures. Clearly.

So, while I was running about last night bumping into some people and avoiding others, I noticed some changes around campus. The students there look very much how the students looked my freshmen year. The art school is back to having a bunch of weirdo, outcast, art kids. There was a sense of community, but an alternative one. They also got rid of the bookstore (overpriced and full of shit) and made it into "The Den," a 24 hour rec-room, with pool and video games and couches and darts and internet and TV. Which is pretty cool I think. There is also a graffiti wall on the quad, which is also a cool idea.

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