Monday, May 5, 2008

Denise and Ray's - Santa Fe, NM

I went to see "Happy End" at the college yesterday. It was ok... You could tell it was Brecht, but it was so watered down. The ending was completely random and lame as well. However, everyone in it was great. This is what they told me would happen, but I wanted to go anyway and decide for myself. I'm glad I did. That was the first Brecht show I've ever seen live, and it made me certain that I needed to see another. One I might have more response to.

After the show I went backstage (oh man, I don't know anyone at the school anymore) and wandered into the guys dressing room to see Matt Joe, Kevin, and Craig. Kevin and Matt Joe kind of flipped their shit and I got two big hugs. I've gotten a lot of unexpected big hugs recently. It was very surprising because we don't really talk ever, so I just thought it'd be a quick hello. I'm very fond of those guys so it felt pretty great. I guess that's why I enjoy just turning up without warning. I really really needed that after all the shit that went down in NY. Sadly, everyone had strike, so I didn't stick around and once again did not go out to dinner. Tonight I hope.

What I ended up doing was going over to Tom's place and drinking gin and watching Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and then jumping on a trampoline. I spent some time pressuring one of Tom's roommates to try a back flip, but he never gave it his all. They tried to turn it around on me and get me to try a flip, but I informed them that I am immune to peer pressure. I'm comfortable being too drunk to flip on a trampoline. Nevertheless, Tom's roommates are some pretty cool kids. We had a good time. Holy shit was that a good movie. I'll have to watch it again without all the skipping.

Today I'm heading over to the registrar to say hi to Angell and Marie and get a transcript. I don't normally like showing up places I used to work, but I loved that job so much, it is the exception. Then I might go see if I can find Clare D, she'll be surprised to see me I'm sure. I booked it out of this town so fast I hardly said goodbye to anyone. Then again, almost nothing surprising ever surprises her. Afterward, I'm taking myself out to lunch and spending the rest of the day downtown looking in some of my favorite stores EVER. Maybe I'll even buy something zebra print. Wouldn't that be unpredictable!?!? But today has to have red chile in it, or I'm going to pass out dead. On the plaza.

People will think it's art.

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