Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sadly, I am at the airport. I couldn't find a decent ride out of Austin. I would have taken the bus, but my mother got sick yesterday and no one has time to take care of her, so I want to get home as soon as possible to help her. Apparently she has vertigo, so she'll be fine, but she's stuck in bed feeling horrible for a while.

This also means that no one will be able to pick me up, so I'm going to take my chances with the horrible public transportation in Tucson. The closest bus stop to my place is about half an hour's walk, so that should be fun. So glad I packed light, because it'll probably be hot. It's not a big deal though, I could use the walk after all the eating out I've done this week.

This trip to Austin has been wonderful. The city has so many fun little local places that you'd never find anywhere else. We only ate at local restaurants and went to some interesting bars. Even the movie theater where we saw Indiana Jones was a local place and there's an amazing local ice cream shop.

Exploring these places with Joe was probably he best part. Our friendship feels so natural and easy, I'm sometimes surprised by it. He has infinite patience with the people around him, (which people around me tend to need). It's kind of like having a brother I actually get along with. He's such an important person to me, it's about time I came down here to visit his life a bit.

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