Friday, May 2, 2008

Denise and Ray's - Santa Fe, NM

Today was my first official day of adventure seeking and I'd say it went well. Bruce, the man who drove me to Albuquerque, was a very nice and normal guy. Nothing crazy happened and we got along just fine.

As we got near Albuquerque I called my friend Tom, who I thought might be working in town, but lives in Santa Fe, so he'd be commuting. Turns out he was up there, but would be working overnight until 7am on a movie shoot. He offered to let me stay in his car and then drive me back in the morning, but I declined and decided to take my chances finding a ride from the airport. Tom told me that his friend, who I knew from college, was going to be flying in today and gave me her number, in the off chance that she might be there at the same time as me.

Turns out her flight got in a few minutes after I got there. I called her up and she was thoroughly confused, especially because we were never really friends, so much as acquaintances, and so had not seen each other since college. She told me she was getting a ride from her friends, who she was staying with and that they had room for me. They were more than happy to let me into their car and even took us out to dinner.

When we left the restaurant John, the driver, noticed the tire was a bit low and so on the way to Santa Fe we stopped at the gas station to fill it up. He has a limp and sometimes needs a cane to get around, so his wife got out and said she would put air in the tire. She went out and grabbed the hose and John starts saying "That's water. That's the wrong one, it's water." But the windows were rolled up and she didn't hear him. He decided not to roll the windows down and tell her and instead said "She'll figure it out." Then she leans down to put the nozzle on the tire and suddenly pops back up and looks into the car and yells "That's water!" At which point the three of us in the car have a good laugh and I exclaim "That's going in the travel book!" Which I admit is stolen from my friend Andrew, but he wasn't around, so I took it. But if I ever do write a travel book, this night is going in there.

Random and memorable.

Well they just dropped me off here at Denise and Ray's house. The two of them are out of town until Tuesday and were oh-so-kind to allow me to stay here. It's so quiet and peaceful. Sadly, I can not find a wireless connection that is unprotected, so I am forced to connect to an Ethernet cable. Poor little laptop.

Well I'm off to settle in and get some rest. Good good day. Feeling optimistic.

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