Monday, May 5, 2008

Denise and Ray's - Santa Fe, NM

Actually having the choice of not driving is the best thing ever. I've missed the subway system, but the Santa Fe bus is actually pretty good. True it's never on time, but it does get you where you need to go and the stops are not hard to get to. Plus they're cheap. Tucson buses make me sad (read: I hate them).

I took the bus all over today for $1. That went like this:
Me: This is the #2 bus?
Driver: #2!
Me: I'd like a day pass please
Driver: OK, $1
Me: I thought it was $2?
Driver: Not if you're a student. Aren't you a student?
Me: I guess I must be.

That ticket was for people under the age of 18. See, looking 16 gets me somewhere after all!

I stopped at the college first to see the people at my old job. Quite nice. One of them adopted a baby. I was more than thrilled for her. I'm a big fan of adoption and I think she'll be a wonderful mother. I could not find Clare D., so I will go back tomorrow during office hours. There is a lot of crazy in the air while the college transitions, but everyone seems optimistic. I am too, for once. I wish that this had happened a few years before I had gotten there. Maybe I would have enjoyed college more.

I walked around campus a bit looking for my friend's new office. It's weird to be on the other end of the "you don't go to school here" looks from CSF students. It's such a small school it's easy to spot someone new right away. I used to give those looks! You were still in diapers when I was making those sideways glances!

I hopped back on the bus, after watching 2 ravens fighting in front of the school. I forgot that the campus was covered in ravens. Amazing birds. I should get better at this picture thing, because I didn't think to take one.

Once downtown I went to my three favorite stores ever: Doodlet's, Poem and Design Warehouse. I purchased some things that I *needed* (see below) and then went over to Atomic for food. A very good-looking waiter served me nachos covered in red chile, while I read The Santa Fe Reporter. It is a huge relief to be in a city where the waiters know off the tops of their heads what items are vegetarian. In many cases it is indicated on the menu. Not all chile is created equal. The nachos do not normally have red chile on them, but that's bullshit. You can not have Mexican-type food in NM without chile, so I fixed that. I'll also point out that natives are less likely to think you're a tourist if you order chile on everything. On this subject, it should be mentioned that McDonald's and Subway both have green chile on the menu.

I took the bus back to the house and on it I met a woman from VT and a woman from NYC. Needless to say, the woman from NY was rather rude and the woman from VT was very kind. Crazy how that works. The driver turned out to be from Jersey and was pretty cool. He used to live in AZ, but like me, felt that Santa Fe was a superior place to live. I'd like to now point out that conversations like this don't happen on NYC transit and I like it that way. However, being in Santa Fe makes me want to talk to people. Did NY make me an introvert, or did leaving make me an extrovert?

Ponder. Ponder.

Today's pictures:

A mailbox downtown. I have no idea. The web address on there is but it offers no answers.

It was rainy and windy and chilly today, but Santa Fe always manages to have views like this. I love the walk back from the bus.

A Magnet. The women in the store were nice enough to open a whole set, just so I could buy this one magnet. Thank you wonderful Poem women and your understanding of my love for Zebras.

A postcard

A zebra buying problem. But how could I resist?!?!? What is that zebra doing in a crosswalk?!?
This postcard is one of many that I own made by a German company called Inkognito.

I also bought my mother an Inkognito postcard of a mouse hugging an elephants leg, but I sealed it in an envelope before I thought to take a picture. She'll like it.

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