Saturday, March 7, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

Some exciting news today! Yesterday there were two newcomers to the Teleion Holon home. The first newcomer was the newest Levis. The little guy arrived while I was out feeding the chickens. He made his arrival known in the middle of the night and finally joined his family the next day. Max and I switched off watching the kids all morning and in the afternoon everyone took a little nap. We're calling him Zusha for now, but that will not be his real name. His name will be announced next weekend with everyone here.

He's a cute little guy and if he's like his older siblings he'll only get cuter. My mother never misses an opportunity to tell me what an ugly baby I was and how appalled she was that when I was born I looked like my paternal grandmother. She yelled at my father for this. Thanks mom. It is kind of funny how babies can look like old men or women, while being so new to the world. Little Zusha may have his old man moments, but they are cute and also rather red.

Guv is very excited about his little brother and didn't miss an opportunity to hold him. I'm sure that the closeness of Oliver and Max brings even more meaning to Guv having a younger brother. Talula seems curious and also a little concerned that this new baby is taking her mother's attention away. Yesterday was a long day for her and she was mostly over-tired and behaving as such. It might be hard for her to understand what is happening at this point, but I'm sure that as time goes on she'll find that her mother still loves her just as much as before, but has made room in their lives for another person to love.

I'm going to hold off posting pictures until later. I think it's fair to let Bonnie and Oliver send out pictures to family first, before I unleash little Zusha on the internet. Internet, you will have to wait.

The other newcomer I mentioned is a new WWOOfer, Tyson. He was sort of a last minute addition who called the day before to tell Oliver he needed a place to stay for three weeks. Another WWOOFer is coming on Sunday. This is going to be a busy, busy house compared to what it has been.

Oh Oh!! and I also wanted to link to this awesome website I found.

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