Thursday, March 5, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

How crazy that there is going to be another person in this house soon. I'm not even referring to the new WWOOFer that is coming in a few days. I'm talking about the new baby. It's a bit of a waiting game at the moment, but any day now there will be another little Levis, though probably louder and more opinionated than the current Levis family. I'm so excited to meet this tiny person that we've all been focused on. Bonnie wants to have the baby at home, so I'll be watching Guv and Talula if they don't sleep through it, or are not at daycare. I was hoping The Logger would be around to help me (i.e. keep me happy while I attempt to keep the kids happy), but his mother got a nasty stomach flu so he is off taking care of her, and has been kind of quarantined. If a stomach bug made its way into this house it would be a huge and awful mess. I couldn't even begin to imagine giving birth while fighting a stomach flu.

I find it so strange that a woman has so little control over when her baby is born, even though it is her own body. Of course I find most things that the body seems to do on its own with no prompting from the conscience mind rather odd. Carsickness especially baffles me. A friend of mine started going into labor six months early. She knew it wasn't right, but could not stop it. Evolution seems to have a much stronger hold on the body than the mind does. Luckily the doctors were able to help her and she gave birth to a healthy boy only a month early.

I'd like to mentally help my body fight a virus because I've got a little bit of a cold at the moment, which has been going through the house. It did a good job of keeping me awake and cranky last night, so I'm happy that Bonnie didn't go into labor. Oliver told me to take this nasty-tasting echinacea & goldenseal herbal supplement to boost my immune system. I hope it's doing something, because the taste really lingers in your mouth forever, and it's not pleasant. I'm not really into taking medication, but since this is holistic and aimed at strengthening my immune system, instead of impeding it, I'm all for it. I feel quite certain that taking medications aimed at relieving cold symptoms actually make you worse, because those symptoms are the ways your body fights illness.

In other news, I made rice flour tortillas again, this time with an egg and they came out slightly better. They also lasted for more than a few hours and were still soft the next day. They don't stay together so well, but I think a blend of flours will help that. It's an ongoing experiment. When I finally get it right, I'll post it. I'm hoping to find a way to not use an egg, because I always prefer to cook vegan and I especially prefer it when people are not using commodity eggs on account of my recipes.

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