Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Logger's House - Pawlet, VT

I'm currently under quarantine in Pawlet. The story behind this is a little frustrating. Almost two weeks ago, The Logger's sister went away to Spain and her son came up here to spent time with his grandmother. While he was here he came down with a stomach flu. Six days later The Loger's mother came down with it, though somewhat worse and he came out here to take care of her and his nephew. Bonnie thought it would be best if he stayed in Pawlet until we were sure he didn't also catch this flu and give it to her and the kids. One bad way to welcome someone into the word is to give him a stomach flu in his first week.

Six days passed and The Logger still felt fine, so he came back to Teleion. That night he got ill, thus exposing me to the virus. I told Oliver in the morning and we all thought it would be best if The Logger and I went back to Pawlet until the whole thing passed. If he had just waited one more night I would still be at Teleion, having something to do and not worrying about a stomach flu. I'm still fighting off this silly cold, so hopefully I'll just get this thing quick and get over it. I tend to get over things pretty quickly and my stomach is used to feeling crap-tastic now and again (for no apparent reason my stomach often gets upset for a few hours every now and again. I usually try to ignore it). Stomach flues don't usually last too long or hit me too hard.

So now I'm here. I forgot my computer, which is a little annoying. There's no wireless internet here, so it's not like I could post from it anyway, but I do like to type in the morning and also play that damn solitaire game I'm addicted to. Not to mention it has music and podcasts on it, which are endlessly more entertaining than watching TV. I've already finished the one book I brought, so it looks like I might end up reading The Chronicles of Narnia after all. I've been avoiding that one my whole life, but the whole series is sitting right there on the shelf and seems more promising than the pop-up Christmas book next to it.

Seriously though, I just need to get this virus, get over it, and then head back to Manchester. My computer needs me.

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