Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Logger's House - Pawlet, VT

Yesterday The Logger went back to Manchester to do buckets for me, and while he was there he did me the amazing favor of picking up my computer. Its poor little battery was dead. And then I also dropped it. But it's fine now, I apologized and it seems to have accepted. I even hooked it up to the internet so now it must love me extra-special. And that's what I'm telling myself.

After two days I'm finally feeling better. Yesterday I didn't really get out of bed. My body felt pretty crap-tastic. I woke up with a horrific kind of migraine, which I have not experienced for years, probably due to severe de-hydration. I spent all morning drinking water and staying in bed, and manged to eat some yummy Teleion salad, and my headache is mostly gone. I can have the light on now and my head doesn't feel like it's being bashed in with a sledge hammer every time I move. Triumph! The one good ting I can say about this flu is that it comes and goes quickly.

I found Lord of the Flies on the bookshelf today I decided to finally finish reading it. If I'm going to be here for another day then I'll need a way to occupy myself. I picked up that book years and years ago, read it to the climactic point and then put it down. It was some weird phase I was going through because I did it with several other books at that time as well. I must have only been about 10 or 11 at the time, because I was still living in New York. Lord of the Flies is the only one I never finished. Better late than never.

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