Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

It's snowing here and outside looks quite lovely. I'm sitting in front of a fireplace, so inside feels quite lovely. Alex is napping on the rug and everything is so cozy and quiet I thought I had better just give a little blog update. A little one.

Today Guv and I painted the new egg washing table that I built a few weeks ago. I put him in my over-sized painting shirt so he wouldn't get his clothes all messed up. I wish I had thought to get a picture of it, because the thing was huge on him and he got paint all in his hair. The table looks nice and white though. Tomorrow we are going to get colors and go crazy. That was Guv's idea and I love it. That should be a fun project and a nice addition of color to the egg station. It's important to support emerging artists, especially if they happen to be three years old.

Bought my train ticket today. It's official now: I'm heading back to NYC for a few days. This is probably a good thing anyway. My comp is being funky and could use a visit to the mac store doctors. My feet will also be warm for nine full days. Right now I'm lucky if they are ever warm for nine full minutes.

Anyway, here's what I'll be missing:

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