Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

Remember the logger in Crocs? Well I've got another story about him. Oliver has been making super compost in the chicken coop by adding leaves and hay and anything compostable. We added a huge mound of leaves the other day and Oliver wanted to add a bunch of hay that had been sitting on a hay wagon rotting for a few weeks. The rot was not intentional. The hay was super wet, also not intentional, and super-annoying, because wet hay is practically impossible to move.

Logger-dude (whose name incidentally is John, which is not as fun) pulled the wagon to the front of the chicken coop with the tractor. The plan was to shove all of the hay out and then push it into the chicken coop with the tractor. Simple. No. The hay would not come out of the wagon. We stabbed at it with pitchforks for a while and made no headway. So Logger-man gets this crazy idea that cutting the hay into squares with a chainsaw will do the trick. The man must dream about chainsaws because I don't know if anyone else would ever think to cut hay with a chainsaw. Oliver liked the idea, and I encourage ridiculous ideas at all times, so he went and got the chainsaw.

So here's the deal readers, if you are ever faced with the problem of trying to move mounds of wet hay, just cut it with a chainsaw, because oh my god that crap works. It still took us another hour to get it all out of the wagon, but we at least felt like we were getting stuff done. I wish I had my camera and could have taken some pictures, because Mr. Chainsaw was still doing it in Crocs and Oliver had them on too. You're putting your feet in rotten hay guys.

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