Monday, November 3, 2008

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

To keep us all up to date, it looks like Oliver and Bonnie did not get that farm. They put in a bid, but someone else put in a higher one. However, Oliver went and met with some bankers during this process so that they could get to know him and perhaps give him a loan. The loved him and apparently want to support what he and Bonnie do. So even if they don't get this farm, they will probably be able to get a loan for another farm. I hope that this ends up being a good thing and allows them to find a farm that is closer to their price range.

To check in on myself I'd like to state that it feels good to come back to the same place every night. It's nice to know where I'll be sleeping a week from now. Even though it's not my place, or my home, it is stable and I like it and I have more privacy than I've had in years. It's nice to not be stressing about what happens next. I don't need to worry about it yet.

All of that, I can of course do without. I know it's just frilly stuff that I don't need. I have enjoyed roaming around for the past few months and planning my future trips. I have missed this calm and quiet though. Things in Dorset were quiet enough, but they were not so calm. I had friends there, but it still felt different. When I'm here, it's like all that other shallow crap that people in theatre worry about really doesn't matter. Here I feel like the problems are not just a way to pass the time. I don't really know how to explain it without annoying myself, so let me give an example.

I've been feeling a little sick the past few days. Last night I realized I had an another health issue, which required an actual doctor, which is probably why I got a cold that no one else has. My body is trying to fight two things at once. I mentioned this to my friend and he insisted we go out that night to Bennington to go to the hospital to get myself taken care of. I didn't realize it until we got there, but my friend is not the most comfortable person in hospitals. He went out of his way and put himself in an uncomfortable situation just to make sure I got better. If it had been up to me, I would have waited until the next day and been miserable, because I wouldn't have wanted to ask anyone to do any favors for me.

It's not that I don't have friends who would do this for me, it's just that all of my friends know me too well to argue with me about it and insist that I change my mind. This friend doesn't know that I hate being taken care of, not because I don't need it, but because I don't want to feel like I need it. I'm glad he doesn't know this, because it feels nice to have a friend worry about me. I've never let anyone do that before. And we won't even start on how nervous he gets when I start using power tools. Ha.

I shall end this post by changing the subject suddenly and drastically and say that the only thing AZ has over the rest of the country is that they don't bother changing the time for daylight savings. There. I stated a preference for Arizona. Remember it, because it won't happen again. Until I wake up an hour early tomorrow morning.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! Unless you plan on voting for McCain, in which case please reconsider not forgetting to vote, sleeping all day might sound like such a good idea to you. KIDDING!

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