Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grand Central Station - New York, New York

You know how you always see all those photographs and post cards of the sun coming into Grand Central in the morning, and it looks pretty fantastic? This morning I had a chance to hang out in Grand Central while the sun came up. It doesn't really look like that, but it's nice to just sit on the edges and watch the place fill up with the morning commuters. Maybe it would look like that at the right time of day, if the lights weren't so bright in here. I always thought those pictures were sunrise though because the station is always empty for them. At sunset the station would be packed. But... it's just a photograph, so who knows if it is set up and orchestrated some how. Still, this is such a beautiful building. I never noticed the zodiac signs on the ceiling. Never bothered to look up. Never had an hour to kill so early in the morning.

I've got to head back up to the Bronx, but no one will be up until 8am. My bus got in at 6:30am. I thought it was supposed to go to Penn Station, but it only stopped in Chinatown. Lame. I do not know that area and I had to ask about a thousand people where the train was before I could find it. The trouble with not knowing your way in Chinatown is that no one there speaks enough english to tell you anything.

I'll be so happy to finally put my bags down and sleep in a horizontal position. People should not have to sleep on crowded busses. At least I slept through the whole tunnel. I am not at all a fan of driving through the tunnels. I'll go out of my way to take a bridge. Driving through a long tunnel like that just doesn't seem safe to me. For some reason I have no issues with the train going underwater to leave Manhattan, but I can't deal with a car doing it. Or, more accurately, hundreds of cars all at once. I'd much rather not do it. Like taking an elevator for less than 4 floors; I'd rather take the stairs, because elevators seem like a bad idea. It's rather odd, because I certainly consider myself a risk taker. I have no issues doing something unsafe 50 feet above the stage floor, rock climbing, caving, or running into traffic, but drive through a tunnel when I don't have to? No thanks. What an enigma.

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