Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Washington DC. A democratic city, home of a republican president, capitol of the nation, no representation. Funny place.

I'm here in Nick's apartment, which is an interesting place to live indeed. He lives on the 4th floor of an upscale apartment building. As we came up the stairs I giggled at all the red doors with their straw doormats. All the same. Nick told me that the goal was to create apartments modeled after aLevittown. I grew up right near the original Levittown, so this information amused me. These apartments really do seem this way, especially after going inside.

Nick's Apartment is fully furnished, but looks like a hotel room. The carpet is super thick and there is almost nothing on the walls. Generic art hangs above beds and couches. No overhead lights, but there are a few lamps. I opened the fridge this morning out of curiosity and found it empty. The freezer is pretty much the same; a few frozen dinners. However, there is a bottle of tequila in the freezer, so at least he's got that covered. I can even tell where Nick and his roommate always sit on the couches because the cushions there are just sightly dirtier.

Nick says he does not want to make the place more like a home because he hates it here and wants to leave. At least it doesn't look like two single men live here. It mostly looks like no one lives here, so it's clean. And open. And neither welcoming or unwelcoming.

It's probably time for me to get my ass out of the clean part of the couch and explore the area outside of Levittown apartments. Has anyone ever noticed how hotels that have the room entrances on the outside of the building are always nastier than the hotels with entrances on the inside, but that it's the opposite when it comes to apartments?


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