Thursday, September 11, 2008

SoBro House - Bronx, New York

It is time for the last installment of Dorset pictures. The summer has officially ended and I am back in New York, so I better wrap this up fast.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the summer. Kevin, Slokes, Amanda and I decided to rive to Rutland to go to a porn shop. We had no real motivation for this, other than there was nothing else to do. We drove around for a while, got lost, and decided to ask someone if they knew where this store was. We found these two trashy looking girls at a gas station who were clearly high on something. It turned out that one of them worked at the shop and that it was right down the street but closed. As we walked away one of them yelled out "That boy was gayer than a two dollar bill!" Slokes yelled back "It's queerer!" to which she replied, "Bitch you can't afford me!" Still not really clear on why that happened.

Because the store was closed and we had driven all the way out there, we decided to go bowling instead. Cosmic bowling. Kevin killed us all, but it was a great time. We took many wonderful pictures. Never did get back to that shop, but my guess is that the bowling was more fun anyway.

The ice cream social at Angie's place. Lisa came to visit us and we dragged her out to Angie's and ate ice cream and played with the dog and then tried to get Angie to play psychiatrist, but she wasn't having it. Not sure if that was the best ice cream bar I have ever seen, or the most disgusting. Probably both.

Farmers Market veggies! Jess got a crazy HUGE zucchini, Amanda got a skinny eggplant and I got a small, but rather average looking eggplant. We grilled them outback. Or rather, I grilled them. And I should never be allowed to grill anything. I may or may not have hidden several dropped veggies under the grill. Oops.

And that's that. Dorset. Now I'm killing time until I need to leave for DC, eating some beans and rice, which I put too much salt in. Hoping DC food will be better. Hoping I won't feel so lost once I get out of NY. Being here is always so hard. I never want to leave, but I know I can't stay. Transitioning is so tricky.

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