Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

I've been slowing down on the blogging, but not because there isn't anything to say. In fact, I have too much to say. We've been so busy planting, cooking, welcoming new people, getting the soil ready, and cleaning up neglected areas. A few new WWOOFers have come and things have been getting done so quickly. It's wonderful to have so much activity in the house and the fields. I especially like looking up from whatever I'm working on and reminding myself that while I'm working on this one project, someone else is getting something else done. A few weeks ago if Elyssa and I weren't doing it, it wasn't getting done yet.

The newest WWOOFers are Nathaniel, The Poets (Sara Rose and Mike), Dresden, and Kelly. They came almost all at the same time, but spread out enough for people to get a general feel of things before new people arrived. It's great that everyone is so positive and willing to work. The whole vibe of the house has changed drastically with so many people buzzing around doing their thing. Sarah Rose and Dresden are both vegan so my desire to lay off dairy has become much easier as there is always vegan food available. Our pizza nights might turn into make-your-own-pizza nights, instead of ordering from Christo's.

The food projects have become rather interesting. I attempted to make rice milk twice, the second time worked out better than the first, though house consensus was that both were good substitutes for store bought, and were obviously cheaper. Oliver made soy milk yesterday and the okara byproduct is always an invitation for creative cooking. Okara is is a tasteless, dry-ish substance that makes a great filler with enough flavoring. Kelly and I worked on making "chicken" nuggets this morning. We made three different kinds: Curry-mustard, carrot-ginger, and tomato-basil. Kelly is wanting to expand her cooking knowledge so cooking by just tasting and throwing things in was a great way to spend the morning. After lunch we threw together some quick sauces and will have ourselves an okara feast for dinner. To make into more of a comfort food night there will be french fries (baked, actually) and sweet corn (off the cob).

Kelly and I went for a quick bike ride before heading back to Teleion to start prepping potatoes for planting, setting aside a few for french fries with dinner. It was a nice, short little ride and I'm glad that the new WWOOFers are so interested in outdoor activities. We even cut the potatoes outside because it was such a nice day. The black flies have become annoying, but not enough to actually keep a person inside. I have been chased inside a few times by allergies though.

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