Saturday, May 30, 2009

Outside Burlington, VT

Last night was such a wonderful night. This weekend the house was rented out, so everyone moved to the big white house except for The Logger and I, who stayed in Bonnie and Oliver's apartment. I headed over to the big white for dinner last night and everyone was sitting in the living room playing guitar and singing. I started to think about how lucky I am to be in a place with so many wonderful and interesting people. I have already been feeling this way or a long time, but last night I was really feeling it. It was surreal to be in such a wonderful place full of so much love. Everyday is a new confirmation that I made the right choice by leaving the life I used to have.

Dresden, Kelly, Elyssa and I went to Burlington for the day today. The drive up here was so amazing. I have to get out of Manchester to be reminded of just how beautiful Vermont is. This place is so different from everywhere else I have ever been. I guess I haven't spent much time in small towns, but I love them so much. I was so excited to see Burlington, because I had never been there before. I found myself a little disappointed. It looks just like Boulder. It's such an engineered city, planned to look the way it does and attract the kind of people who live there. I like it just fine, but I wouldn't want to live here. I've always known that I prefer to be in a huge city or a tiny town. Medium sized cities give me trouble. However, I had a great time, especially sitting out in the park being surrounded by so many people. I forget about the rest of the world when I am at Teleion.

I'm looking forward to going over to Dorset for the summer, but I'm not super-excited to be leaving my wonderful Teleion house-mates (or my private bathroom). The kinds of stresses I will have will be completely different. At Teleion I worry about the plants being too overgrown before getting transplanted, and I worry about cucumber beetles. The theatre is such a rush to get many complicated things done in such a short amount of time. There are weeks of relaxation, followed by a sleepless week of changeover. I'm glad to have a world separate from the theatre to escape to.

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