Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

Winter ended so abruptly. I felt like it dragged on, fighting all through March to stick around, and then suddenly, it was gone. Yesterday actually felt like we skipped Spring as well. It was sunny and hot, and The Logger managed to get a sunburn. I conducted my favorite Vermont activity of laying in the grass for a good portion of the day.

I went out early to hit up a rummage sale at the Dorset Church. I took Nisi with me and she was a huge hit with the old ladies. It's so funny that so many of them just loved her. She's not a little lap dog (common to Dorset), and she wasn't doing anything particularly cute. She was pulling at the leash, as usual, because she's not really used to a leash being a free-roaming farm dog. She was not letting me take my time looking through books. However, I was glad to let the old ladies coo over her because it kept her occupied while I browsed. I finally found the ultimate rummage sale score: Cranium, with all the pieces, pretty much new for $2. This is so coming to Dorset this summer. I love that game. Sadly the clay is dried out, but this is easily replaced.

I got back in time for Talula's birthday picnic. She is 2 years old as of yesterday, which she celebrated by finally saying "Guv," quite clearly. Talking is great, but I love to hear kids pick up names especially. It just kind of makes me happy. We had a fun picnic with bubbles and balls and yummy food and good friends. The kids loved it. I took many pictures with Bonnie and Oliver's camera. None are going up on this blog today because both mine, and their camera is downstairs. Oops.

I took a quick break from the fun to go buy some darning materials from the local yarn shop that I had been wanting to check out. I found some really cool stuff made entirely from bamboo. It was ultra-soft and beautiful and a decent price, but it was hand-wash only, so it wouldn't be a good thing to patch socks with. Both Elyssa and Oliver want me to show them how to darn, which I think is a fun and thrifty thing to know, so I'm more than happy to show them.

We went for a dip in the freezing stream in the afternoon. Well, Max and Guv took a dip; Bonnie, Talula and I put our feet in. Good, clear, running water beats a pool any day. You come out feeling clean and refreshed instead of stinking of chlorine and wanting to get into the nearest shower. Or maybe I'm backwards compared to most people.

Today is another nice day, though thunderstorms are expected this afternoon. It's good for the plants, so rain wouldn't actually ruin the nice-ness of the day. Hail might. By the way, has anyone ever heard of a Hail Cannon? Yeah, me neither.

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