Monday, April 20, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

Lots of excitement on the farm. The ground is thawed and it's been so warm out, so we're finally getting the beds at the Big White House ready for plants. Oliver is also planning to use a little more land this season and he ran the plow through it to get it ready. It was full of huge boulders that the tractor couldn't move so he rented an excavator. The Logger is pretty masterful at large pieces of machinery so he moved most of the boulders, and stacked them up at rock sculptures in the process. He wasn't very into the idea of Elyssa and I using the excavator, so I asked Oliver instead and he was excited about it.

Elyssa in the excavator. My camera didn't happen until after I had taken my turn.

The excavator is completely complicated to me. There are two joysticks that control all of the claw movements and the swivel of the machine. It's hard to remember what does what and some mountains of mud were definitely dropped from high up, resulting in mud baths for all. The goal of this operation was to take this muck out of the pond and make a big pile for it to dry out a bit. Then Oliver wants to mix it with other composty-chicken-poopy stuff and make some super-compost to put in the beds.

Max took a turn

This dog, who belongs to a neighbor, was very curious about the claw of the excavator.

Then we went out to the beds to till them and get them ready for planting. Oliver went through with the tractor while Elyssa and I picked up the big rocks in the beds. I do not know how to drive a tractor, but I will. If only so I can look this cool:

Tillin' like a villan, yo.

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