Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've had to change my plans a bit. I found this pretty great farm here in Vermont. It's actually right in Manchester, 6 miles from here. It's called Teleion Holon Community Farm. They come to our farmer's market every week and have the yummiest veggie burgers ever. When I joined WWOOF I discovered they were looking for winter help, something I could not find in Portland.

This place is entirely vegetarian. They keep chickens, but only for eggs. Over the winter they will either be moving the farm to a bigger piece of land, which would require a lot of help, or they will be maintaining the chickens and an unheated greenhouse. The growing season doesn't end until after October, so I'll have some time to help out with growing. The place is generally pretty quiet in the winter, which seems ok to me. I'd be all about helping them move if that happens, but it seems unlikely. They are very unstructured and I can show up whenever and then leave whenever. I'm pretty into it.

So the new plan is to go to NY, then visit people down the east coast, then work load in for Keen Company and have my birthday in NYC, then back to Vermont. I'm going to leave some stuff with a friend who lives around here. I'm really looking forward to it. I need to get boots and warmer clothes. Yeah!

Finding good vegan winter boots without spending a small fortune is going to be hard...

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