Friday, July 4, 2008

The first play of the season ended on Saturday and on Sunday we started strike. I was just promoted to Master Electrician so this was my first time in the position. Our original ME didn't work out and I think Josh realized I really could handle the job, so we didn't hire someone new.

I admit that my worst fear during all of this was for Josh to tell me that he made a mistake in hiring me for the position. No matter how many times he tells me how happy he is with the work I am doing, part of me will always be worried that he doesn't think I'm good enough. I guess that's just me. It's probably good because it pushes me to get the job done as well as humanly possible.

The strike went well indeed. We were way ahead of schedule for lights and set the whole time, so we were all able to keep up on sleep. I was a little worried that if this changeover took as long as we thought it would, we'd be in a lot of trouble when it came to changing the bigger shows, but I think we'll be OK. We also have a little extra money for hiring locals to help out of we need to.

The only bad thing I have to say about tech is that the weather just started getting perfect out. The raining has subsided a bit and the sun has been out. It's been perfectly warm, but not too humid. We spend the first days of this weather in the theatre for 18 hours. Every ten minute break was an excuse to go lay out in the sun. I do enjoy my sunshine breaks. There has been no shortage of laying in the grass for me this summer. I'll never be able to get enough though.

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