Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

The entire Levis population of Manchester, VT has gone off to Aruba and Theo flew away to India, so things have become exceptionally quiet. Before Theo left he invited us to go to the Red Fox Inn. My reply was "mayyyyybe," which usually means no, but that my mind is open to be changed. When he told me that it was a reggae show, I decided to talk The Logger into going, because I figured he might like it. My idea of talking him into it went something like "OK, I've decided we're going and there's no use arguing because I'll win. Also, I'll pay your cover charge."

I also convinced Jason, the cook at the inn, his friend Brian, and Pedro to come along. Because if it's not worth the cover change and the drive out there, I'm bringing you all down with me. Well it was worth it. The band was called Gokh-Bi System, and they weren't actually reggae, so much as music from Africa that you can rock out to. They were great, and it was well worth dragging myself and The Logger out of the house after dark for it.

Last night we went over to the inn for dinner, because Jason was cooking. I've been missing vegetables a bit so I decided to indulge in some out-of-season yummies, though honestly the best thing for dinner were the mashed potatoes, which are not exactly an indulgence, considering we have tons of potatoes in the kitchen here. But it's nice to have good company and a professional chef to make them for you. Plus the asparagus and green beans were wonderful. I think when spring comes I'm eating nothing but fruits and veggies because I miss them so much. Just gonna go ultra-vegan.

I also went and took pictures of the Dorset Marble Quarry, because it looks amazing in the winter. In all honesty, the only reason for this blog entry was so that I could share these pictures, so I'll shut up and post them now.

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