Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Parents' Place - Tucson, AZ

Well, well, well. Here we are. Yet another blog on the ever-expanding internet. Why do I need this blog? Why couldn't I just be happy with a LiveJournal? For one thing, I like the fact that this blog is so customizable. I also think that LJ has a negative connotation. AND I think this blog will be easier to use and read by more people. Word. But have no fear, I suspect that the posts will be quite similar, if not the same.

I wasn't super happy with my starting point in LJ anyway. I want this to be a travel blog, full of my insights, not a list of things I did during the day. That's boring. Plus pictures, and those are easier to post here. Admittedly I do not have a camera, but because I'm the only person in the world without one, getting pictures should be easy.

Now to the point! Here are my plans, thus far:
Friday I leave for Phoenix with Chad and crash with him for the night Santa Fe/Albuquerque.
Saturday I meet with a guy who might be driving to Chicago at the end of May then I stay with Liz until my ride to NM is ready to leave.
Sometime between Monday and Wednesday
I arrive in Albuquerque and figure out a ride to Santa Fe, where I will crash with some friends for about a week. Then I find a ride back to Tucson.
On the 19th I leave with Alison to Austin, TX to visit Joe.
We're back in Tucson on the 25th
On the 28th I possibly get a ride to chicago, where I take the train to NY and hopfully catch a ride to VT with one of m buddies, or else take the train.
One other option is to go to San Fransisco and see Miss Lisa and then just take the train to NY from there. Have not discussed this option.

I'll try and keep my travel plans updated as they get finalized. Mostly I can't wait for the following things:
Red Chile in Santa Fe
Hanging with Joe in Austin
Rolling around on the grass in VT

Oh Tucson, I won't be sad to see you behind me.

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