Sunday, February 10, 2013


Has it been that long?  Yes, it has.  It's been forever.  But I haven't actually been silent.  I'm just blogging about books here.  So mosey on over and check that out.  Maybe if I have time I'll throw some things up here, but for now, it's just books.

If you are curious about how my year of trash-free eating went, the answer is: awesome. I am still buying mostly in bulk and only buying packaged food that can not be gotten unpackaged.  Example: coconut oil, seaweed, miso (unless I want to drive 2 hours to a co-op that does carry it in bulk, which I don't), tempeh, etc. Not too shabby.

Trash output in this house that contains two humans, two cats, and a snake: one grocery bag a month, one small compost bucket a week.

Before you start yelling about the grocery bags, yes I do use reusable bags when I shop.  These are foraged bags from work that were going to be discarded anyway.  Many of them are paper.

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