Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Dear, how embarassing

It's been a while. A long while. But I have a great excuse. Last week I finished moving into my own place. As much as I loved the Ice House and was looking forward to spending my summer there, I really really needed my own space. My stress levels have been out of control. This new place is awesome. It's quiet and it's low maintenance, and it's closer to my jobs. As soon as it stops raining 24/7 I fully plan to start biking to work at least three days a week.

The other reason for no posting is my lack of internet. I've decided not to get internet at my apartment. It forces me to get off the computer and read, or cook a nice meal, or do the dishes; all that shit I put off when I can get online. So I won't be updating this blog much for the moment. I rally want to focus my energy on taking good care of myself. I hope I'll have time to write up a quick post about all of the new green ideas I've been having, but I'm not going to stress about getting three posts up a week. We'll see.

So ta ta for now lovely blog. I'm sure we'll meet again sometime soon.

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