Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ice House - Dorset, VT

I moved! The Logger and I have moved in with The Frechman in Dorset. The house, like most of the houses in Dorset, is rather old. It sits right next to a stream and in the winter it was used to store ice for the town, thus my calling it the Ice House. I'm hoping it catches on, as houses seem to do better with names. It's an amazing house, three bedrooms upstairs, and two downstairs, but it's not huge. Still livable.

The Frenchman, also known as Jeremy, is French. Obviously, otherwise why the hell would I be calling him that? His son, Kava stays here on weekends. He is a painter, woodworker, and all around interesting guy. He's been living here for a few years, renting it from some friends. His accent is rather thick, even though his english is great, and the housemates often find ourselves thinking, "wait, what was he talking about?" I'm certain that the solution to this problem is to start thinking in a French accent when he's talking to me.

Our other housemates are Jessie and Pete Moss (I must include his last name here because it's such a weird one and I often call him by it), a pair of WWOOFers gone local. Sound familiar? They we working over at Teleion and a little with Theo for the summer and then decided to get jobs and find a place. We all get along, so it made sense to find a place together.

The house has no internet or cell service. This is kind of an issue. I need one or the other, preferably internet. My attempts to steal internet from the neighbors have been futile. Th person behind us has wireless, but it's password protected, which I don't understand. People around here don't even lock their doors, why put a password on the internet? OK, I realize that my trying to steal the internet proves that they do need a password, but the thing is, I know this town. I'm the only person around trying to steal internet and no one even knows I'm here. Plus, I wouldn't put a password on my internet because I think wireless should be everywhere for people to use. So unless people are downloading inane amounts of crap and slowing my internet down, I don't care if they use it. I always make a point not to do my downloading when stealing internet anyway, so no one would even notice if I was stealing it. So there.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the current situation of my life. Today The Logger and I spotted some fallen tree branches near his mother's place, so I decided we better grab them before someone else did and we loaded them on to op his car and piled them in her driveway. The Ice House has a big wood stove in the kitchen and wood can be costly, plus the Logger has a chainsaw in his trunk, so why the hell not? And speaking of wood stoves, I made hot chocolate on said stove today. MMM!

So here's my super simple, super yummy hot chocolate recipe for winter warmth:
2 heaping T coco powder
2 T raw sugar
1 cup rice milk

stir up sugar and coco with a little of the milk to make a paste. Heat the rest of the milk up until it's steaming then mix it all into your mug.

Yeah, it's a really simple and obvious recipe, but holy crap, people buy hot chocolate mix and there's so much garbage in that stuff. Plus mixes are a lot more expensive than plain old coco powder.

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