Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colony House - Dorset, VT

On Friday The Logger's father came into town for a day so we all went out to lunch. I was somewhat nervous about meeting him, not because I was worried he wouldn't like me, I didn't really care about that, but because I was worried I wouldn't like him. He only sees The Logger once a year and he thinks his own son is crazy. I don't like it. But, he turned out to be a nice guy, and he was almost nothing like The Logger, which means he was actually a social person and easy to go to lunch with. The strangest thing about him was that he seemed genuinely interested in The Logger, how he is doing, what he is doing, how happy he is. But the man never calls him, he doesn't remember his birthday and he only sees him one day a year. If The Logger never called his father, they probably wouldn't ever talk. I don't really understand it.

While we were at lunch there was an old man sitting across the room eating a sandwich. When he was done he got up, threw away his trash, took some bottles and cans out of the trash can and put them into the recycling, then he came over to our table and picked up the tray that we had leaned against the wall. The Logger's father thanked him and he replied "We're all in this together man." And even though the guy seemed a little batty (he soon began chattering on and on), I was struck by it. I mean, I know that's true and I think most of us do, but I think we forget it. I think sometimes we need reminding. So maybe that's why The Logger's father doesn't really call, but he still really cares. Maybe he forgets and The Logger is his reminder.

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