Friday, January 23, 2009

Teleion Holon - Manchester, VT

Last night we had an early birthday party for The Logger. Oliver and family took off for Aruba today and will be gone for two weeks, which includes The Logger's actual birthday. We made burritos, his favorite food, and after much harassment he finally told me that lemon cake was his favorite, but that I should not take the trouble to make one. I of course ignored him and made two.

Theo, Pedro (who works at the inn), The Logger's mother and the Levis family were all in attendance. I admit I was a little worried that people wouldn't have a good time and it might be awkward for some, but there were no problems. Why did I think there might be? Mostly because The Logger made such a stink over the fact that I invited his mother, because he claims she would not have a good time. I think she was very happy to be here and loved seeing Guv and Talula.

A little while before we ate, Bonnie and Guv disappeared for a bit. When they came back downstairs Guv gave The Logger a hand made birthday card, which was full of his favorite things. It's pretty much the best birthday card I've ever seen, so it made it into the blog.

I think I might be attacking that tree.

I am now going to boast about this amazing cake that I made, mostly because I have never tried this recipe before and normally when I cook something for the first time it's not all that great. Maybe it's because Guv helped me, but this cake was really yummy. When the batter was all made I tasted it and I really liked it, which made me worry that it wasn't lemony enough because I don't really like lemons. I ended up making two round cakes and putting a layer of lemon bar (without crust) between the two cakes. I used my mother's amazing fluffy frosting which I call marshmallow frosting, because it tastes like marshmallows. Anyway, here's a picture.

When Bonnie saw the cake she called me Martha, which pretty much ended my cake-making days forever.

We didn't have birthday candles, but this one is home-made.

Happy birthday Logger.

So, maybe I didn't think about how huge the slices would be if I stacked two cakes right on top of each other, but no one complained.

This morning I remembered that I had gotten The Logger an exceedingly stupid birthday present (I'm good at that). Because of my love for little plastic animals and The Logger's new-found fondness of chickens, I gave him this little plastic chicken I had found when helping Oliver organize some stuff and had been carrying in my pocket. He of course did not understand what it was for and has thus become the pouty chicken, which comes out whenever The Logger feels like he needs to pout to someone (or something).

Sally the chicken

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