Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spiral Press Cafe - Manchester, VT

It's been a pretty wonderful time here in Vermont so far. The weather is unreasonably nice. I feel like everyone is just waiting for the weather to get stupid-cold. Today when we went out to harvest for the CSA pickup I had to take off my hoodie because it was so warm. And then we stopped and got pumpkin ice cream and cider donuts from the nursery across the street from the greenhouses. Can I just state for the record, one more time, that I LOVE VERMONT. I know it will get colder, much, much colder, but I think I will find my own way of loving that as well.

So what have I been doing? Well I've been picking up buckets of unused food from local resuants to feed to the chickens. I've been harvesting tomatoes, beets, radishes, salad greens, and cabbage. I've been planting garlic. I've been feeding and cleaning up after chickens. I've been picking up Oliver's junk from a tag sale and onions from another farm to give to our own CSA. I've been walking through the woods. I've been celebrating Jewish holidays. I've been hanging out with children. I've been making a few new friends. I've been learning how to play two chords on a guitar (don't ask me which, I'm really not sure I remember them now). I've been driving that crazy Organic Food truck that was made famous to DTF when it crashed into two cars in under a minute. I've been coming to town to use the internet because it's slow at the house. I've been having a pretty great time.

I took a bunch of pictures, some of which I will post when I have them uploaded. I haven't really had a ton of time to do this, because generally when we aren't out working, we find other ways to occupy our time that do not involve the internet (crazy, right?). We cook and eat communally. I love it. Sadly, two of the WWOOFers are leaving this weekend, so it will be much quieter around here. Maybe I'll get better about posting and putting up pictures with all this extra time. Maybe.

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